Teresa’s teaware is a parallel endeavor to her dinnerware collection.  The pieces are more delicate in nature than the dinnnerware, but function and form are still paramount.

Instead of making teapots and cups to order, Teresa generally offers them for sale after completion. You can see what is currently available in the Teapots and Cups galleries of images.  You may also see images of pieces that have already sold — if you find something you like, it can likely be made to order.

Teresa is grateful to her teapot mentor, Ah Leon (Chen Chin Liang), with whom she has studied numerous times over the past 15 years.  His unparalleled understanding of the teapot form is the result of decades of empirical experimentation as a master teapot craftsperson and artist.  From his home in Taiwan, he continues to provide guidance with critiques of her work.