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Teresa is pleased to present teapots made from a fine porcelaineous clay. Most are glazed inside and out. Strainers are built into the body, making them ideal for brewing loose whole leaf teas. The lids have long flanges and a tight fit, to prevent the lid from tipping out when you pour. The handles are well-balanced and the pour is strong and not prone to dripping.

What sizes are your pots? Are the tiny pots miniatures?
Teresa offers two basic sizes of pots – very small pots for brewing traditional Asian teas and larger pots also appropriate for Western tea. The larger pots brew 14-20 ounces of tea. The smaller ones brew four to six ounces. They are not miniatures but meant for use with high quality teas.

Do the teapots drip?
No, not really. You may be able to make one of Teresa’s teapots drip, but they don’t want to. Every pot will have a strong pour and start and stop cleanly and effortlessly. Teresa takes the fluid dynamics and ergonomics of her teapots seriously.

Which cups should accompany your teapots?
The larger teapots can be paired with traditional western teacups from the dinnerware collection or the larger cups in the teaware collection. The small teapots are usually used with small teabowls like the very smallest of my cups.  In the Taiwanese tradition, cylindrical tea sniffers are also used.

How long does it take to make a teapot?
Each teapot takes anywhere between 8 to 16 hours over a one to two week period to make. More saliently, Teresa has spent over ten years developing the skills to design and build and good pot.

How do you use the tiny pots?
The small pots are meant for brewing high quality whole leaf asian teas. A small number of leaves are brewed at a time. Good quality tea leaves can be brewed several times, each brew bringing out a different flavor and aroma. Because the tea is drained after each brewing and the leaves do not sit in hot water too long, fewer bitter tannins are drawn from the leaves.

Why are two different styles of cups used with the tiny pots?
It has become popular Taiwanese tradition to use two different cups when enjoying tea.  The first is a cylindrical sniffing cup. The second is a bowl-like cup. It is remarkable how the aroma of a tea can greatly differ from the taste.  The cylindrical shape of the tall cup allows the vapors to be focused and appreciated before dissipating in a way that the bowls cannot. When tea is brewed, it is first poured into the tall cups. One then takes a tall cup and pours the tea into one’s own teabowl. Before returning the tall cup for a refill, enjoy the aroma of the tea vapors immediately after pouring into one’s own bowl and then again as the vapors have cooled. The aroma often changes dramatically.

How do you clean the teapots?
Used tea leaves can be removed with a wooden tool designed specifically as a tea accessory (a dregs spoon or matcha scoop) or with any other handy kitchen implement. Glazed surfaces can be cleaned with mild dish soap. Unglazed surfaces can be simply rinsed and left to develop a patina often prized by tea enthusiasts.