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Register for a Special Event
Teresa will be happy to help you choose amongst her many pieces to put together a dinnerware set specifically designed for your dining and entertaining lifestyle.

Step One
Contact the studio to schedule a phone call or studio visit. We’ll talk about your needs and preferences and start putting together a tentative registry.

Step Two
If you’re out of town, we will send samples to you so that you can get a first hand feel for the shape, sizes and colors of each piece you are considering in your home. If you’re in town, you can borrow a few pieces from the studio.

Step Three
After the registry is finalized, we will post it on the website for your friends’ and family’s reference. Please note, the on-line registry will not be interactive. (No changes or purchases can be made directly on the website.)

Step Four
Purchases can be made by personal check or credit card via Paypal by contacting the studio by phone or e-mail. In this way we can avoid purchasing duplications and assure that proper taxes and/or shipping charges are added. If you would like to make any changes to your registry, just contact the studio.

Step Five
Gift acknowledgements will be sent to you via e-mail as purchases occur. A final summary will be compiled when the registry is closed. The registry can remain open for a month, or longer, after the wedding or until all items have been purchased.

Step Six
The registry items will be handthrown to order and shipped upon completion.