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How do I set up a Gift Registry?
See How to Register on the Registry page.

Can you tell me more about your teaware?
See Teaware FAQ on the Teaware page.

How long will I have to wait for a custom order to be completed?
Usually 3-6 months, depending on the work schedule. We will give an approximate delivery date at the time an order is placed. Orders made from the In Stock inventory usually ship within 3 business days.

How can I see samples?
We can send samples pieces to you so that you can try them out at home, compare them with other pieces you already have and see how the colors look in your own environment.

I’m overwhelmed by the number of choices.  How do I start?
Give a call. In most cases Teresa can quickly help you narrow down your choices by asking a few questions about how/what you eat and how you entertain. You can also look at sample Gift Registries to see how others have put together a set.

What is the “old clay” vs. new clay?
Teresa is phasing out the clay she has been using since she started selling in 1996. The “old clay” has become increasingly problematic as the clay manufacturer cannot control the precise chemical composition of the raw ingredients they use. These ingredients are literally dug out of the ground and as time progresses and excavators move from one end of a mine to another, things change. The “old clay” is becoming darker and has too many impurities that lead to glaze defects. The new clay is cleaner, much whiter and has great working properties. Teresa will continue to work with the old clay when it is the best match to a customer’s existing ware. If you are not sure which clay you have, we can help you determine. Most orders placed before 2011 will be made of the old clay.

Can you do custom colors?
Yes, it’s possible. But glaze development is a long and arduous process.  A significant custom glaze lab fee will be charged.

How true are the colors on the website?
That depends on your monitor.  We can send samples and/or color chips for a small fee.

Can I mix colors?
Yes. Most colors complement each other well. We will have some suggestions – for example, using the clear transparent glaze (clearwater) to bring out the vibrancy of the other colors.

Can I combine pieces from different lines?
Yes, many of the lines go very well together. We are full of suggestions.

What is a typical 5-piece placesetting?
Usually, a placesetting is a dinner plate, salad plate, soup bowl, cup and saucer. But we’re not big fans of the 5-piece setting, as it is very limiting and does not suit the reality of most people’s lifestyle. We highly encourage customers to take advantage of the many shapes and sizes of bowls and plates that are offered.

What kind of clay/firing method do you use?
Teresa uses a modified porcelaneous clay that is very similar to a traditional porcelain (vitreous, durable, resistant to chipping) yet it matures at a lower temperature, meaning significant energy savings. Teresa fires in oxidation with electric kilns to Cone 8 (approximately 2220 degrees Fahrenheit).